Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red Eye Effect - Color A Day #46

I took a few photos of myself last night…just fiddling around with my one of my iPhone photo apps.  I actually liked a few of the images, which is saying something, since I usually despise most photos of my mug.  I don’t find myself particularly photogenic.  But these pics turned out just “artsy” enough that I can tolerate looking at them.  The filter added some color interest with pops of orange and green, including my eyes, which are glowing with red-eye effect.  My photo editing program has a “red-eye” fixer, and so I got rid of that glowing dot of orange-red.  Except that taking out that eye-flame took a whole lot of punch out of the photo.  So I put the red orb back.   Tonight I’m loving that red-eye effect.

Color A Day #46 – Red-Eye Effect

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