Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunset Pink - Color A Day #47

My husband is presently in the air, flying home from the “family” vacation that only he ended up enjoying.  Our family of four was to enjoy a short visit (6 days) in the Florida Keys.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  Three-fourths of our family ended up staying home, courtesy of lying, thieving Spirit Airlines.  (Yes, I’m bitter.  And, I. Will. Never. Fly. Spirit. Again.)

Nevertheless, I’m happy that at least one of us was able to soak up the Keys colors…especially the spectacular pink-tinged sunsets.   Here’s a taste of what we missed.
Color A Day #47 – Sunset Pink

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Red Eye Effect - Color A Day #46

I took a few photos of myself last night…just fiddling around with my one of my iPhone photo apps.  I actually liked a few of the images, which is saying something, since I usually despise most photos of my mug.  I don’t find myself particularly photogenic.  But these pics turned out just “artsy” enough that I can tolerate looking at them.  The filter added some color interest with pops of orange and green, including my eyes, which are glowing with red-eye effect.  My photo editing program has a “red-eye” fixer, and so I got rid of that glowing dot of orange-red.  Except that taking out that eye-flame took a whole lot of punch out of the photo.  So I put the red orb back.   Tonight I’m loving that red-eye effect.

Color A Day #46 – Red-Eye Effect

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Ancient TerraCotta - Color A Day #45

TerraCotta Warriors Exhibit at Bowers Museum
I took my kids to see an exhibition of the Chinese Terra-Cotta Warriors (and other treasures at the Bowers Museum) today.  The boys listened attentively to the self-guided audio tour, and seemed to really enjoy the experience.  I must say, it’s gratifying to see my children behaving themselves well and enjoying a cultural experience.  (Small pat on my back for surviving the toddler years when attempting a day at a museum was a much less enjoyable event for everyone involved.)

The sculptures were amazing, especially when the enormity of the archeological treasure is considered…approximately 1300 of these statues have been found in three pits in the Shaanxi Province of China.  It is astounding, to say the least…in fact, it is one of the wonders of the world.
On our way home we chatted about the exquisite sculptures we had seen.  And my boys, ever the budding artists, were keen to create some terra-cotta warriors for themselves.  I obliged them by stopping along the way and picking up a brick of clay from the art supply store.   They both created their own masterpiece.  Truly a day of great cultural and artistic learning.  Big Smile.
So….on to color inspiration.  The sculptures at this exhibit were apparently painted originally, although almost all of the pigment has long since vanished.  There are still hints of color here and there, but for the most part these sculptures are now faded to a soft gray or beige.  Of course, they are called “terra cotta” for a reason, as they were all sculted from clay.   But in terms of color, they have just the faintest hint of red/terracotta mixed in with the aged gray/brown of the clay.  Ancient TerraCotta is what I’m calling it…Color A Day #45.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Storm Cloud - Color A Day #44

My mood this evening is stormy and gray – much like a storm cloud.  This picture, taken in Key West last year, shows an ominous cloud formation and tell-tale  gray-blue color that brings with it a rush of wind…and then pouring rain.   In fact, quite soon after this photo was snapped we were overtaken by this squall,  leaving us drenched and dashing for cover.
Color A Day #44 – Storm Cloud

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keys Blue - Color A Day #43

My family and I are supposed to be in Key West aboard our boat right now, but we are not.  Well, my spouse is there, but the kids and I are at home and very disgruntled.   Maybe tomorrow I will have the energy to detail the cancelled flight fiasco that has resulted in us NOT viewing the lovely blue waters of the Florida Keys firsthand.  But right now, I’m too bitter to get into it.  Instead, I will simply live on my memories of the perfection of this color…Keys Blue.

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