Friday, February 17, 2012

Cacti Green - Color A Day #42

I’m not much of a green thumb.  I like plants, gardens, things that grow.  I’m just not particularly adept at keeping plants healthy.  With a few exceptions.  I seem to be able to keep succulents and cacti alive fairly well.  Possibly this is due to the fact that they do well if they are ignored.  And forgotten.  Once in a while I remember and wonder if they need a little water…but, since this variety of plant is used to going for long stints without any H2O…it works out well for both of us.   I know I’m not alone in embracing (although only figuratively) these spiny wonders.

I have come to adore cacti and succulents.  There are so many varieties of these plants; a panoply of interesting shapes, colors and textures.  I have a little mini collection of cacti on my back porch.  This morning as I walked by, the sunlight was glowing off these little prickly wonders in the most beautiful way.  Ah,  thought I.  Here’s my color for today!  This little guy’s yellow spines work hard at protecting the soft, green flesh underneath.   And, these two colors combine to form what I’m calling Cacti Green.

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