Thursday, February 9, 2012

Limon - Color A Day #35

Sisters (Double Vision) by Alisa Proctor
As I was looking for color inspiration today, I stumbled across a little painting that I did a year or so ago.  It was just a small 5×7 in. piece, and it sold quickly.  I had sort of forgotten about it; out of sight, out of mind.  So amid my hard-drive wanderings, searching for color inspiration I caught a thumbnail glimpse of this little painting…and it made me smile.  Because, I really like this little mixed media piece.  I am enamored with the colors I managed to put together.  Honestly, it was unplanned, happy-accident color mixing that went into this creation.   That yellow-green mixture is so cheerful.  And I think it’s made all the better with the darker teal in the lower right.  That teal is probably my favorite color of them all.  But,  I’ll highlight the teal another day.   Today I’m especially loving that tart and perky lime/lemon mix….Limon.   Pucker up, sister.
There it is then:  Color A Day #35 – Limon

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