Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old Mission Plaster - Color A Day #33

My son attends a Public School in California.  He is in 4th Grade, which of course means one thing for certain: a Mission Project.   It is a 4th grade rite-of-passage.  So in order to facilitate this project-making extravaganza we piled in the car (road trip!) and drove off to see Mission La Purisima Concepcion, near Lompoc, CA.   It was pure luck-of-the-draw that my kid was assigned this mission.  Good luck, actually.   This particular mission is a State Historic Park, with it’s buildings fully restored by the CCC in the 1930′s  in what was apparently one of the largest historical restoration and reconstruction projects in the US, complete with authentic furnishings, helpful docents, and assorted livestock.  We took the docent tour (along with about a dozen other 4th grade families), and each of the 4th graders got to pose with a mission soldier’s spear and sword, and they each got to ring the mission bell at the top of the bell tower.  There are miles of hiking trails on the expansive property as well.  We spent the entire day wandering around taking photos of the lovely grounds.
The colors of this place were muted, aged.  Lovely.  Over the course of the next few days I’ll focus on some of the colors.  But for today, I’m looking at the plaster.  There’s just such beauty in real, old, aging plaster.  Soft white, tinged with yellow, maybe a hint of brown or grey added for depth.  Loved the mission trip, and the colors it revealed.
Color A Day #33 – Old Mission Plaster

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