Thursday, February 16, 2012

Faded Purple - Color A Day #41

Frustration.  I just spent more time than I want to admit typing a bit about today’s color inspiration.  I had a picture in mind to use…from Pinterest…of a lovely purple cottage on stilts over water with palm trees in the background.  Tropical.  A lovely picture that I can still see in my mind’s eye.  BUT, I couldn’t find where the photo originated from.  It was pinned from a great blog full of colorful pictures, but I am pretty sure that blogger is not the original photographer.  And, I don’t want to post photos (however lovely they may make MY blog look), when I am not able to properly credit the artist/photographer.  I simply want to treat other artists and their work they way I want to be treated. 

So, as I was struggling with this issue, my dinosaur of a computer…which is running at half speed….spits and sputters; and of course my browser crashes.  And all that I had written is gone into hyper-space.  Guess it doesn’t matter anyway, since the photo I was using for inspiration remains essentially unusable until I can find the original artist in order to properly credit him/her.
So.  Starting again.  (*sigh*.  So tired!)  Well, the color was a lovely, soft purple.  So I’ll stick with purple at least.   And for my example pic,  I’m posting one of my paintings.  It’s purple, albeit a more faded hue than the color in that purple house photo from Pinterest.  But at least I can credit the artist of this one…
Faith, by Alisa Proctor

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