Friday, February 10, 2012

Cookie Dough - Color A Day #36

Yep, you saw that right: Cookie Dough.  Chocolate Chip cookie dough, specifically.  I love the stuff.  I eat it uncooked, raw egg and all.  I know, I know…e-coli be damned.  It’s worth the evil bacterial risk.   Sometimes I actually bake the stuff.    Like tonight:  after making the dough and eating a few healthy spoonfuls,  I dropped the batter onto my Sur la TableSilpat” baking sheet and baked a few slightly soft-in-the-center cookies.  They MUST be eaten while still warm so that the chocolate chips are still all drippy and melty.  (Is melty a word? No matter, you know what I mean.)   Perfect.  Now I need a glass of cold milk.

Color A Day #36 – Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough, baked.

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