Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fashionabl Orange - Color A Day #28

Inspiration for today’s color comes from the world of fashion.  This is not likely to happen very often, as I am NOT in any way a particularly fashionable person.  Indeed, I would not be the least surprised if I were ambushed at some point by the crew of “What Not To Wear“.  Quite honestly, I dress like a slob 99% of the time.   Mom jeans?  Check.  Faded, stained, stretched-out t-shirt?  Check.  Hoodie from the previous decade? Check.  Comfy TOMS shoes?  Check.  Yes, I regularly sacrifice being stylish for comfort.  (At least my TOMS are trendy.)
But I’m an artist, so I do appreciate the creativity that goes into designing clothes.  And I do notice interesting fashion, styles, and colors.  And this orange dress by Jonathan Saunders caught my eye.  I love the color.  I really like the design, too.  But you won’t likely see me wearing anything like this dress anytime soon…unless that reality-TV  intervention happens.

Color A Day #28 – Fashionable Orange

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