Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Color A Day #22 - Cad Coral

I've mixed up a color for today.  Good start.  But, I'm feeling bereft of writing inspiration tonight.  I'm tired.  So this color will just have to speak for itself.  And I believe it does so nicely.
How do I describe this color?  Not red, not orange, not pink.  But a little of each of these.  This hue definitely has a big hit of Cadmium Red to it...but softer, lighter than Cad Red straight out of the paint tube.  Watermelon?  Maybe.  My son, trying to helpful suggested I call today's color Cranberry Orange.  Not bad, actually.  I suppose Coral might come closest to describing color #22.  So I'm calling Color A Day #22 Cad Coral.   
From Vintage Printable

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