Thursday, January 26, 2012

Color A Day #23 - Apricot

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Apricots are my favorite fruit.  But it's hard to come by a really good, perfectly tree-ripened apricot.  The little hard rocks often passed off as apricots in the grocery store are, well...awful.  When I see these in the market I sigh with disappointment...because I know how amazing a really good apricot CAN be.  I once bought a crate of perfectly ripened, apricots from a roadside stand near Winters, CA. They were nearly the size of tennis balls, and plucked right from the tree earlier in the day.  Heaven.  Luscious and juicy.  Perfectly sweet, and slightly tangy.  Put eating a perfectly ripe Apricot on your bucket list, people. 

Truly,  I love apricots of any type.  I buy, and eat those tiny little never-gonna-ripen-properly-cause-they-were-picked-too-soon apricots in the supermarket.  And, I love them dried.  I use apricot preserves on my pancakes instead of maple syrup.  Trader Joe's used to carry a product called Apricot Sauce (made in France).  I bought these jars full of yummy in bulk.  For some inexplicable reason, they stopped carrying it a few years back.  I cried.  Really.

But, it's mid-winter and apricots of ANY variety are a rare sight.  So, I'll just have to resort to memory - and visuals.  Here it is: Color A Day #24 - Apricot.

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