Friday, January 6, 2012

Color A Day #5 - Newport El Blue

Today's color is
Newport El Blue.
inspired by
Newport Elementary School's  exterior paint color scheme.

Newport Elementary School (affectionately called Newport El)
is my kids' school, and has the unique quality of being located on the beach.  Literally.  The kids have recess on the sand, and periodically lose an errant ball to the surf.   Rough, eh?  The only downside to a beach-side school occurred last year when the school was closed for a day as the result of a tsunami warning!

It's a gem of a place: great old architecture, unrivaled location, and fantastic staff. 
I know.  My kids are lucky. 
Newport El: school on the sand.

Newport El's shutter detail.

Newport Elementary School's cupola.  

from Vintage Printable

This baby's eyes are Newport El Blue.  Apropos, since he now attends school there.

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