Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Color A Day #23 - Necessary Yellow

Yellow.  It's one of the most basic of colors - a PRIMARY color, after all.   Remember the Sesame Street song back in the day? It was my first color mixing lesson.  Big Bird (yellow!) sang, "....just three colors; red and yellow and blue.  Enough to make a rainbow,  for me and for you!"  Great song. Excellent point.  Yellow is a vital element in the color world.
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I'm not drawn to it.  Doesn't excite me much.  I know it's supposed to be all sunny, and cheerful.  Warm.  Happy.  It is, I guess...but still...yellow just doesn't do it for me.  At least not all by itself.  Flat out, plain old true yellow - to me - is mostly an enhancer.  An additive element.  As in, I use it to warm up other colors that I like more.   Example: primary green is wonderfully enhanced with a little yellow added.  And blue becomes much more interesting with a touch of yellow.  And even primary yellow itself becomes so much more appealing (to me, at least), if it has a touch of some other color added to it.  A little dollop of orange or green mixed in with yellow makes it yummier.  OK.  I will admit that even if it's not my favorite color, yellow IS necessary.   So,  I'll honor this one today by making it Color A Day #23 - Necessary Yellow. 

And, tomorrow I'll use a little dab of yellow to make some color that much better.  

Yellow Florida Keys fishing paraphenalia.

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