Sunday, January 22, 2012

Color A Day #20 - That Perfect Turquoise

There’s a particular shade of turquoise that I just love.   
It makes me smile inside when I spot it. 
Sometimes it shows up in water – like in a vase, or shimmering over sand in the Florida KeysI’ve seen it in a swimming pool when the sun is shining just right.   And of course in the semi-precious stone of the same name.  I think it’s the perfect mix of light blue with a bit of green.  

I find myself using this color often in my own paintings.  And, I’m not alone.  On a recent visit to the Norton Simon Museum I spotted this same color in Gauguin‘s painting Tahitian Woman and Boy.   “Ah!”,  I thought to myself as I admired Gauguin’s amazing color choices…”it’s that perfect turquoise!”

Detail of Gauguin's use of That Perfect Turquoise.

The Three Handed Virgin by Alisa Proctor...with that Perfect Turquoise in the background.

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