Monday, January 23, 2012

Color A Day #21 - Organic Green

Today's color is inspired by The Seed, a beautiful painting by Polish Artist Pawel Jonca.
The Seed by Polish artist Pawel Jonca

That earthy, mossy, Organic Green featured in this amazing painting is the color today.  This green feels natural, homey and comforting to me.  It's a connected feeling, a connected color; connected to the earth, to growth and renewal.

English: Autumn colors reflected in Silver Cre...
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Redwood National Park
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I don't see much of this mossy green here in dry Southern California.  It's a color more often seen in places where it rains regularly.  Places like the Redwood Forest, and the northwestern part of the United States.  I remember taking a hike as a child at Silver Falls State Park near Corvallis, OR.  It was damp, misty,  and so very green.  It stayed in my memory; it was unlike any place I had seen as a young child, with waterfalls and drippy moss around every turn. 

My Favorite Mexican pottery mug...found in a pottery shop in Tubac, AZ
It's raining today in dry SoCal.  So I'm remembering that wet hike, and thinking about Organic Green as I sip Chai Tea in my favorite Mexican pottery mug from Tubac, AZ...a mug that just so happens to match today's color perfectly.

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