Friday, March 16, 2012

Orchid White - Color A Day #56

Today’s color is Orchid White.  It’s inspired by the lovely orchid presently growing in my kitchen window.  For some reason, orchids seem to thrive in this spot,  apparently appreciating the morning light and close proximity to the sink.  Orchids are fascinating things.  Full of curious designs, and interesting colors.

Years ago I visited a beautiful orchid garden in Cuba, the “Orquideario de Soroa”, near Havana.  Lush gardens cover this huge park, located in the Sierra del Rosario, a world biosphere reserve.  The Orquideario features over 20,000 orchid plants.  It is well worth visiting if you are ever lucky enough to visit Cuba.  It is a gorgeous spot, and this article published in the Havana Journal says it well:
el orquideario
el orquideario (Photo credit: vladimix)
English: Landscape of Pinar del Rio province, ...
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