Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sick Art

My 5 year old has been home sick for the last two days...of course spreading the germ wealth so that I, too, have been infected.  So meanwhile, to fill the days the young'un has been putting markers to paper.   Although I am clearly biased, I have to say that I think he's already a remarkable artist.  Here's a sampling of some of his recent work.  You can judge for yourself.

"Penguin Pirate" - details include a treasure chest, eye patch, hat with skull and crossbones, compass rose, treasure map, sword, and he's standing behind the boat's steering wheel.

"Planets" - this drawing is of all the planets in our solar system.  After it was done he asked me to do some special effects in Photoshop so that it looked like it was in space......

...which turned out to be a really cool idea!

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